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Why I Oppose The North Carolina Restroom Law, But Am For Gender Segregated Restrooms

What was the original rationale for having separate restrooms for males and females?

I made a few “guesses” regarding the reason we have public toilets segregated by gender. Of course, the rationale that “it has always been that way” is insufficient and must be removed in order to make a bias-free assessment. Furthermore, religious arguments including “modesty” in showing the naked body should be discounted as I have noticed that most people look better with their clothes on, thus, “modesty” usually isn’t an issue. My guesses are as follows:

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Why I Have a Problem with Excessive Executive Compensation

In 1980, the average CEO made about 50 times what the average worker did. See CEO Pay Graph. In 2012, the average CEO pay was 380 times that of the average worker according to this story from ABC News. Other sources show a higher gap. See the following link, which compares the income gap in the United States with that of other countries: Income Gap Comparison. This shows the gap of only 20-1 in Canada and 47-1 in Mexico. Frankly, I am fine with 50-1. My problem is when the number gets higher.

CEO Pay Graph

CEO Pay Graph

Compensation Inequality by Country
Compensation Inequality by Country

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Transgendered People and Gay Conversion Therapy

Why is gay conversion therapy illegal in California and New Jersey for minors, while sexual reassignment therapy legal for minors?

In essence, a therapy to resist a predisposition (homosexuality) is illegal. Gay conversion therapy is reversible. Sexual reassignment therapy that is irreversible and affects a child both physically and mentally is legal and protected. This doesn’t make any sense at all! See this California law that protects the rights of “transgendered” as early as kindergarten! I doubt most kindergarten age children even have a good idea what “gender” is!

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Sex, Sugar and Cigarettes

I found this interesting article on sugar addiction. It seems that sugar has a reward and drop off effect similar to cigarettes. Sex has a similar effect in that the physical part reaches a climax and then quickly drops off – many go to sleep immediately after sex. Further evidence of the quick reward and burnout of sex is from a piece I watched on 60 Minutes a few years ago. 60 Minutes showed that hotel chains had huge revenues from in-room pornography. The average time watching a porn movie was shown to be about 14 minutes which comes to about a dollar a minute paid for the movie.  So, we have three different activities that have some level of addiction involved.

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Daft Punk, The Breen, and Atheist Pizza

The Atheist Pizza is quite simple; it has only one topping; tomato sauce. Any more toppings might cause disagreements, therefore, it is best to eliminate the choices.

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It Is Only Natural to be a Racist!

Sorry KKK, you will not like this post.

See this study for evidence of our subconscious racism. From observations of my pet dogs and cats, I am convinced that racism is a very natural condition. The phrase, “bird of a feather flock together” is a good expression of my natural belief in racism.

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